Longevity Lives Below The Gumline

TEEF develops clinically-proven and truly safe solutions that create a beneficial oral microbiome for your pet's health. Harnessing the power of good bacteria is the most effective way to help us live our best lives.

We’re Different

Our world is ruled by bacteria, and we’re bacteria whisperers. Current approaches to managing bacteria use a “kill all” mentality (antibiotics and antiseptics), which have proven to be unsuccessful because bacteria always have, and always will, win. Our prebiotic approach strengthens good bacteria to combat the bad bacteria for a naturally-balanced oral microbiome for a healthier mouth.

Inventor, Emily Stein, Ph.D.,  is a microbiologist with deep expertise in infection and inflammatory disease. She earned her B.S. in microbiology and immunology from the University of Iowa and her Ph.D. in microbial biology from the University of California at Berkeley. She then spent 7 years at Stanford University as a Medical Research Fellow in Rheumatology and Immunology.  Her extensive and varied academic background gives her a unique understanding of the complexity behind bacteria and their behaviors. This has resulted in her developing a SMMRT® biofilm-based technology that leverages bacteria and their behaviors to our advantage, resulting in improved outcomes on health.

Emily’s inspiration for developing the unique technology in TEEF began after nearly losing both her grandmother and rescue dog to health issues directly related to their advanced dental disease. When searching for a solution, she found that many of the products on the market were either toxic and/or ineffective. Understanding that microbes and bacteria are the true drivers of dental disease, she went to work to create a solution that safely targets the source where it lives, below the gumline.  

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