Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in TEEF?

Simply put, our Protektin42 formula consists of 4, pure and safe ingredients: a soluble fiber, a vegan protein, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and a vitamin. All are in fine powder form and dissolve rapidly in water.

Not good enough? We truly value ingredient transparency and understand if you have a deeper level of curiosity. However, in this competitive online landscape we would prefer that you inquire with us directly for more detail. Please contact us at

Why does TEEF! turn the water slightly yellow?

The vitamin in our Protektin42 formula turns yellow when it comes in contact with water. But don’t worry, there’s no harm in the color change and the small amount won’t affect the flavor of the water. Your pup shouldn’t notice anything.

NOTE: Keep our powder clear of clothes and other absorbent materials to avoid staining.

Is it safe for cats?

Absolutely! However, because cats have very different diets than dogs, our formula for dogs won’t be very effective on them. Our R&D team is working on a feline-specific formula and expect to release it by the end of 2019.

Interested in helping us with our R&D? We will send you a swab kit to collect a sample from your furry friend. It’s minimally intrusive, you’ll just need to swab their tongue and gums to collect their oral biofilm and send it into our lab for bio-hacking (pre-paid postage). Please send us an email with your address –

Is this tiny amount of powder enough?

You bet! That’s the science behind TEEF! Our ingredients dissolve rapidly and disperse evenly in the water dish, no matter the amount. The key to success is frequent dosing throughout the day. That way our ingredients wash over the bacteria in the mouth often to balance the oral environment and make it less acidic and destructive to dental health.

We pride ourselves on using only pure, bioactive ingredients – no fillers, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, or other weird ingredients that cause “dog-arrhea”.

I have a multiple dog home, how should I dose?

No problem! Our dosing is simple. Just add one leveled-off scoop of TEEF! to each water bowl and repeat with each refill.

What are the dosing instructions?

Simply add one leveled-off scoop (scoop provided) in up to 8 cups of fresh water each day.

Lost the spoon? We will send you another or just add a pinch to their water dish!

Is it safe for puppies?

Yes, TEEF! is safe for puppies. However, due to their somewhat sensitive puppy GI tracts, the tiny amount of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) may cause minor regurgitation in the first several drinks as they get used to it. It’s not harmful, it’s just their bellies reacting to the faint bubbles.

My dog doesn't drink much water, can I add TEEF! to food?

You can certainly try that, however, we can’t guarantee that it will be effective. Dogs normally eat 1-2 times per day (and throw it down pretty fast) and the key to success with TEEF! is frequent dosing throughout the day. That way our ingredients coat the mouth often to consistently balance the oral environment and make it less acidic and destructive to dental health.

Suggestion – Does your dog like ice cubes? You can try making some TEEF! ice cubes and see if your pup enjoys it that way. Make sure they keep the ice cube on a hard surface though, the vitamin in our formula can potentially cause staining.

What should I do if my pup isn't drinking their TEEF! water?

Although it’s rare that pups drink less water when TEEF! is added, it’s very important to keep Fido hydrated. We recommend scaling back on the amount you’re adding to water and observing if there’s still any avoidance.

If your pup still won’t drink their water, please contact us, We have a 60 day money back guarantee in the case that your pup refuses to drink their water with our product in it.

I'm noticing that my pup has looser stools when using TEEF!

Some pups with more sensitive GI tracts will have softer poos as a result of the soluble fiber in our product. This isn’t a harmful reaction, it’s just that, well… fiber makes you poop. You can try scaling back on the dose to keep this from happening.

What do you mean by human-grade?

Our water additive consists of ingredients that have been tested for safety on humans and animals for over 40 years. Our initial formulations were intended for human consumption. We even have some humans that are adding TEEF! to their own drinking water.

How does it work?

Our patented prebiotic formula, Protektin42, packs a quadruple-action punch to the bacteria in the mouth to balance the oral microbiome. This balance promotes strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath. It’s unlike anything else available in the market!

One ingredient works to block the bacteria from consuming dietary sugar so they can’t convert it into acid and plaque. The vitamin enables health-promoting bacteria to eat protein instead of sugar, resulting in healthier (meaning less acidic and inflammatory) by-products. The third ingredient neutralizes saliva acidity, which results in a less destructive environment in the mouth. And, finally, the fourth ingredient is a plaque disruptor that helps remove the existing dental biofilm (plaque and tartar) from teeth for stronger, whiter teeth. The best part? This shift in the oral microbiome results in MUCH BETTER BREATH!

How will I know if it's working?

You’ll first notice an improvement in breath. It won’t smell like roses, it will smell like nothing at all!

Keep an eye on the whiteness of your pup’s teeth. We tell people to keep an eye on the back molars since this is where the most tartar builds up. You might notice that some of the tartar is actually coming off.

Take a look at the color of the gums. Our product is unique in that it even targets the bacteria below the gum line (where 90% of dental disease exists), which can result in pinker, healthier gums.

Still not a believer? Contact us and we’ll send you a swab kit so you can send us a sample of your dog’s bacteria readings before you start TEEF! and after 14 days of use. Our past studies have shown a significant reduction in enteric (poop-associated) bacteria like E. coli, Salmonella, and other nasty germs. Contact

Why is TEEF! so darn cool?

Our co-founder and inventor is a super-geeky-smarty that earned her PhD in microbiology at University of California at Berkeley and then completed her fellowship in Immunology and Rheumatology at Stanford University. Her exceptional understanding of microbes and their impact on human and animal health helped her discover how to steer their behaviors using simple nutrients.

“Bacteria are the most primal, essential organisms on Earth. Their collective power often goes unnoticed and they contribute significantly to health and wellness or the alternative. Our goal is to build products that empower these primal organisms to work for our benefit.” – Emily Stein, PhD, Co-founder & CEO

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