Our Mission

To be in every single animal’s mouth to improve the health and well-being of that animal.

It all started with a senior rescue dog

Saved from a shelter at 10 years old, Tinzley had multiple health conditions that all traced back to neglected dental care. Luckily, she was adopted by Dr. Emily Stein, a UC Berkeley and Stanford-trained scientist with an extensive background in microbiology and immunology… and a soft spot for older dogs.

She knew immediately that oral bacteria were the source of Tinzley’s eye and bladder infections, skin irritations and lack of energy. After 4 months of antibiotics, 21 tooth extractions and thousands of dollars in vet bills, Tinzley was finally healthy again. All these issues stemmed from the close connection between dental health and overall health.


Our Give Back Program

Do you know that over 75% of older dogs aren't rescued daily due to the high cost of dental work needed for them to be healthy? We give back 5% of all product sales to help animals in need.