Written in collaboration with Animal Humane Society – 02/28/19
The Animal Humane Society is one of our “give-back” program partners that will receive 5% of our proceeds to help animals in need.

National Pet Dental Health month is over but that doesn’t mean you can pump the breaks on any efforts to prevent dental disease in your furry best friend. Effective dental hygiene that truly prevents dental disease can’t just happen annually or even weekly… it needs to happen daily. Just like it does with us!

We know what you’re thinking… easier said than done, right? Especially when trying to brush their teeth and Fido’s eyeing up your fingers like a juicy sausage or Fuzzy is ready to dig her nails two inches deep into your wrist. We get it. That’s why we invented our product. Targeting ALL oral bacteria above and below the gum-line is incredibly important. However, if you’re not yet ready to take the plunge with TEEF!, there are alternative methods out there that can help:

Finger Polishing

This one’s tricky because we’re not encouraging you to shove your fingers into your pet’s mouth — that’s a great recipe for getting bit regardless of your pup’s temperament. However, you can wrap the tip of your finger in gauze and apply a small amount of pet-specific toothpaste to the tip, then VERY GENTLY swipe over your pet’s teeth. Learn more.

Traditional Brushing

It’s safe to say that we’ve all tried this one. The key to this is starting them early – in puppy-hood. Be sure to pick a toothbrush that is an appropriate size for your four-legged friend’s mouth. We recommend consulting a veterinarian to help with technique and proper pet-specific toothpaste (NEVER use human toothpaste). Learn more.

Dental Treats

Stubborn pup? Many pets may never be totally comfortable with the close handling of their muzzles. Luckily there are plenty of other options to help sanitize their smile. Dental treats are the most popular option for daily teeth cleaning. It’s important to factor in size, ingredients, feeding frequency and durability before giving them to your pup. Again, seek your veterinarian’s advice on the proper dental treat to avoid any issues. Learn more.

Dental Cleanings

Although often a last resort, for some animals a professional dental cleaning is the best option. Your vet will determine the extent of your furry friend’s dental needs. While dental cleanings can be expensive, they are essential for your pet’s health and comfort.

The Animal Humane Society provides expert dental cleaning services at a reduced cost for qualifying pet owners. For more information, check out AHS Veterinary Centers page.

Remember to be patient and to keep cleaning sessions short and positive and you should both walk away smiling!

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