“I just love brushing my dog’s teeth every morning!” Said no one ever.

Nobody enjoys the chore, human or canine. Actually, over 80% of dog owners admit to not brushing their dog’s teeth on a regular basis. The unfortunate truth about this is that dogs can lose up to 1/3 of their lifespan if their mouths aren’t taken care of. That’s a lot of life when you look at the average lifespan of a dog (11 years). And more and more studies are showing the profound impact oral health has on overall health. Yet, we shamefully admit, it’s a daily hygiene task that is often avoided because it’s, well… a pain in the a$$. The great news is, now there’s a solution to all of our dog dental care woes, TEEF! A powder water additive that brushes your dog’s teeth every time they drink!

Born out of co-founder & CEO’s love for her 10 year old rescue pup, Tinsley, who suffered from severe health issues and infections as a result of a lifetime of neglected dental care. 21 tooth extractions, 4 months of antibiotics, and thousands of dollars later, Dr. Emily Stein decided to extend the reach of her microbiology expertise beyond human dental care and begin solving for the difficulty of dog dental care. She screened hundreds of federally-approved ingredients until she found a canine-friendly combination that neutralized harmful oral bacteria and super-powered the good oral bacteria essential for a healthy mouth. Since these prebiotic ingredients are in fine powder form and flavorless, they can easily be added to water and basically turn it into a molecular toothbrush. Want to dig into the science? Read more here.

In short, TEEF! naturally protects against tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. By safely re-jiggering the oral microbiome, she has developed an easy and effective way to do what we all know we SHOULD do but often don’t… clean our dog’s teeth!

We’re excited to announce that we will be launching our Indiegogo campaign in the next few months and product will be available in November! Want to stay up to date on TEEF!? Join our mailing list

Our ingredients are: Natural, Gluten free; Vegan; Preservative free; Nontoxic, tummy-friendly, human-grade, low calorie and 100% safe for your pup!

Our give back program – We will donate 5% of our proceeds to regional partner organizations that take care of pups in need.

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