The Technology

Follow the Science & Formulate Responsibly

Bacteria don’t sleep and neither do we. Well, we do sleep, but our passion to do right by pets and their people never waivers. We are scientists, microbiologists, and pet lovers using our knowledge of molecular nutrition to create groundbreaking technology and deliver the best possible products on the market.

We believe our pets deserve more than antiquated, toxic approaches when it comes to lasting health and longevity. In fact, all animals deserve the best life possible through products built responsibly. Our science goes beyond typical ingredients to create formulations made with natural, unadulterated ingredients that are safe for the bodies of pets and humans alike.

Our TEEF for Life powder formulation for dogs is called Protektin42, a patented combination of these 4 naturally safe, bioactive ingredients:

Soluble Fiber

Outsmarts & neutralizes bad bacteria

Amino Acid

Prevents plaque buildup and bacteria odor


Empowers beneficial bacteria

Sodium Bicarbonate

Strengthens and whitens teeth

Protektin42™ selectively strengthens health-promoting bacteria to flourish in your pet’s mouth, while weakening dangerous bacteria, so your pet can benefit.