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Our passion to do right by pets and their people never waivers. We are scientists, microbiologists, and pet lovers using our knowledge of molecular nutrition to create groundbreaking technology and deliver the best possible products on the market.

Selective Microbial Metabolism Regulation Technology (SMMRT)®  – To combat the carbohydrate-driven, microbial-dependent process to rehabilitate oral dysbiosis (bacterial imbalance), it is necessary to leverage an understanding of the importance of carbohydrate metabolic pathways, which gave way to the development of SMMRT® since 2008. This unique approach focuses on using metabolic influencers (nutrients) to re-engineer disease-causing bacterial biofilms into those that are health-promoting. The purpose being to decrease inflammation and to improve outcomes. It uses clinically-validated molecular nutrition to apply nutrient pressure to bacteria in a biofilm – specifically designed to: 1) selectively favor the growth of beneficial microbes in the mouth (including under the gumline) and 2) to stop the growth of destructive bacteria and their toxic, smelly by-products that cause dental disease.

Our initial formulation is called Protektin42, a patented combination of these four plant-derived, bioactive ingredients that are Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA:

Soluble Fiber

Outsmarts & neutralizes bad bacteria

Amino Acid

Prevents plaque buildup and stink


Empowers beneficial bacteria

Sodium Bicarbonate

Strengthens and whitens teeth

The formula name Protektin42™ reflects our mission is to be proactive in protecting all 42 teeth in a dog’s mouth throughout their lifetime. Want more specific information about our ingredients? Email us at info@teefhealth.com.

2021 STUDY: Long-term influence of Protektin42™ on the canine oral microbiome compared to control. 158 dogs were assigned to the Protektin42 group and received 0.1g powder into drinking water dish per day for a year. The control group did not receive Protektin42. Microbial growth assays were performed on oral swab specimens taken on days: 0, 5/7, 14, 30, 90, 120, 240 and 365.

Left image: The average burden of Porphyromonas spp. (harmful, gum disease-associated bacteria) found in dogs mouths at each time point. Right image: The average burden of Lactobacillus acidophilus (beneficial, probiotic bacteria) found at each time point.

*White paper available upon request.