Featured: TEEF! Co-founders, Emily Stein and Lindsey Campbell. (Emily on the left and Lindsey on the right in the top two photos.)

Emily Stein and Lindsey Campbell could best be described as “sisters from another mister”. Their friendship, combined with their varied expertise in microbiology and business, has resulted in what has become a fruitful business venture. The two met while in graduate school, drawn to each other by their shared entrepreneurial spirits and mid-western upbringings… and their love of cheap [but good] wine.

Emily is the super scientist who lights up with excitement when she talks about bacteria. After seeing two of her closest loved ones struggle with serious health issues directly related to oral decay and gum disease, she put her career pursuits on hold while at Stanford to use her PhD in microbiology from UC Berkeley (go Cal Bears!) to find a solution to their problems. Starting in 2012, Emily began her journey to find a healthier way to address disease-causing oral bacteria in a unique way, a way the dental and medical world continues to ignore. Her dogged determination (pun intended) led to the breakthrough concept of the molecular toothbrush, for both humans and animals.

Lindsey functions as the “geek translator” who’s quick to laugh and happens to have a strong background in business development and marketing. She helped launch several other brands and startup companies while out in the Bay Area, where she attended college. She left her marketing position at a Fortune 100 company to help Emily get her new microbial dental technology off the ground. Lindsey added, “I’m definitely not a scientist but it’s obvious to me that Emily’s molecular approach to managing dental disease is revolutionary. I was incredibly excited and honored she asked for my partnership in this great opportunity to improve health and longevity.”

In 2017, Emily and Lindsey co-founded Daily Dental Care, LLC to bring this molecular-focused dental technology to the masses. They’re launching TEEF! because they also want to take care of their (and everyone else’s) pups’ dental health. They have studied this prebiotic technology in humans for 7 years and dogs for 4 years. It has proven to be both safe and effective. You can download a technical summary if you’d like to geek out on some of the study data! Simply put, every slurp helps fight the bad bacteria and power the good in your dog’s mouth, creating a positive and healthy oral environment. Over time, TEEF! builds a better oral ecosystem, which naturally fights and prevents plaque, decay, gum disease, and (more urgently) BAD BREATH!

“We understand that the concept of a molecular toothbrush is new, and somewhat unbelievable. But to address the root cause of dental disease, you must address the direct cause – oral bacteria. We know how to speak their language…we’re bacteria whisperers.”

–  Emily Stein, PhD, Co-founder & CEO

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